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Facilities & Room Bookings

Students and faculty have the opportunity to book classrooms, studios and theatres and to use these facilities to practice and create. Booking requests can be made online, or in person in Craigie Hall D100. Office hours for in person bookings are Monday to Friday 8:30am-12:00 noon; 1:00pm-4:30pm. If you have questions about bookings please email , or phone (403) 220-5313. Booking Priority is in effect for all bookable rooms and studios. Please note that if you have a room booked but you are of lower priority than somebody else who needs to book the same room, your booking will be removed in favor of the higher priority booking. If this does occur, we will do our best to accommodate you.

In order to book a room you will have to provide:

  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Phone number and email address
  • Major or Minor and in what program

Integrated Arts Media Lab

The Lab functions as a digital classroom and drop-in work venue. It accommodates instruction of up to 18 students at a time, and has hardware and software to support all of the fine arts disciplines. Beyond the actual computer hardware and peripherals, the lab provides a number of free and non-profit services to users. These services include digital cameras, disc burning, files storage, 3D printing, as well as access to user guides and other user support services. See the Lab website for full information.

Sonic Arts Lab

The Sonic Arts Lab is a multi-channel digital audio studio designed for teaching, creation and research involving sound and technology. Students and faculty realize projects in Electroacoustic music, soundscape composition, computer music, multi-channel sound spatialization, and interactive music involving instruments with computer, and sound design for video, film and stage production. Contact Dr. Eagle at for more information.

Telemedia Arts Lab

Telearts experiments with real-time artistic and musical collaboration over high-speed research networks. The Telemedia Arts Lab is directly connected to Canada’s research network backbone (CAnet) via Alberta’s cyberinfrastructure provider, Cybera. The lab is home to Syneme, established under a Canada Research Chair in Telemedia Arts. It serves as a point of multidisciplinary collaboration at the University of Calgary, offering high definition cameras, projectors, low latency audio and expertise to facilitate creative projects. Contact Dr. Eagle at  for more information.

Dance Room Bookings

Bookable Rooms

  • EDU 067- capacity 22
  • CHE 011– capacity 22
  • CHC 002 – capacity 30

Booking Priority

  1. Academic Schedule
  2. Full time Dance faculty
  3. Part time instructors (for assigned course preparation)
  4. Students registered in DNCE 431/433/581, or directed study in choreography
  5. Dance majors working on course related projects
  6. Students registered in all other DNCE courses working on course related projects

Room Access

Key access for rooms.

Note: Only Faculty and choreography students can block book rooms. Students can only book rooms for 1.5 hours per day, for a maximum of 6 hours a week.

Rooms Administered by the Faculty of Kinesiology

  • Aux Gym A117 – Capacity 40
  • Dance Studio A163 – Capacity 40
  • KN B70 – Capacity 20
  • Multi-purpose Studio KN A162 – Capacity 20

Note: To book a studio space administered by the Faculty of Kinesiology, contact either Jo-Ann or Karen. You will be instructed on access to keys for the studios at the time of your booking. There is no access to the stereos in any of the studios in Kinesiology, you will be required to supply your own.

Drama Room Bookings

Bookable Studios

  • CHD 015 – capacity 20
  • CHE 004 – capacity 20
  • CHE 107 – capacity 20
  • RT 128 (Reeve Theatre) – capacity 40 (only available to book days during the week, no weekends or evenings)
  • RT 110 (Green Room) – capacity 12
  • Matthews Theatre - capacity 155 (an application process is required for the booking of the Matthews Theatre: visit CHD 100 for application information)
    Exception: students enrolled in 610/510/410 classes, stage managers of a Mainstage production.

Note: bookable only with the permission of the Drama Chair or the Director of Production.

Bookable Classrooms

  • CHC 008 – capacity 30
  • CHD 011 – capacity 20
  • CHD 003 – capacity 20
  • CHE 002 – capacity 20
  • CHE 012 – capacity 40
  • CHD 210 (Reading Room) – capacity 8

Booking Priority

  1. Academic Schedule
  2. Instructors
  3. Main stage productions
  4. Directing Students (level 610, 510 & 410)
  5. ND Theatre Group
  6. Drama Student Clubs
  7. Drama Students (Majors, then minors)

Key access for Studios and Classrooms, Booking Fee (when applicable)

Note: In the Reading Room, you are allowed to view books and scripts etc. but you cannot take them out of the room. You may, however, sign out scripts stored in a folder behind DDM Admin desk.

Students can only book rooms for 3 hours per day, no block bookings are allowed, and all long term bookings are subject to approval. Division Policy states that all Drama facilities must be vacated by no later than 11:00 PM.

Drama Shops/Support Facilities

The Costume Shop

The Costume Shop is in the Reeve Theatre building and is a large, well-lit, completely equipped, workshop, with large windows.

The Properties/Paint Shop

The Properties/Paint shop is also in the Reeve Theatre Building and houses the activities of specialized properties construction, scene painting and welding.

The Scene Shop

The Scene Shop in the University Theatre houses a traditional carpenter's area adjacent to the stage. The shop is used in the construction of set elements for Drama  shows in addition to items for other University productions.

Design Studio

The Department has a newly renovated design studio which is equipped for design lab and studio courses.

You can borrow Props and Costumes for your course work!

If you would like to borrow props or costumes visit the costume and properties shop. The rules for these loans are posted on the shop doors, as well as the times you can access these items and a sign-up sheet. Further information available on the Call Board outside of CHD 100.

Music Room Bookings

Bookable Rooms

  • CHF 001 - capacity 20 (piano)
  • CHF 007 - capacity 75 Band Room: Ensembles/Orchestra practice (2 grand pianos)
  • CHF 202 - capacity 75 Choral Room (grand piano and multimedia)
  • CHF 210 - capacity 20 (2 grand pianos and multimedia)
  • CHE 215 - capacity 20 (practice organ, grand piano, harpsichord)

Student Practice Rooms

  • CHF 114-136 (swipe student ID to access the F100 block)
  • CHF 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136 (all have grand pianos, key access only)

Booking Priority

  1. Academic Schedule
  2. Instructors
  3. Music Major first, then Music Minor

Keys available at CHD100

Note: Piano majors are the only students that have access to grand piano practice rooms.

Student Societies

Drama Undergraduate Society

The Drama Undergraduate Society (DUS) invites all Drama students to join a dedicated and energetic group of students who have a genuine passion for all aspects of theatre. What does DUS do for you? It provides a link between students and the Department of Drama and hosts workshops and other theatre events (at a discounted price), that are geared toward supporting and helping students that. Additionally, you will have access to the DUS lounge (CHC 005) which is the hangout for a myriad of interesting people and is arguably one of the best club lounges on Campus.

For more information visit the DUS office (CHC 005) or email

Music Undergraduate Society

The Music Undergraduate Society (MUS) offers a number of great services and resources for its members and for students as a whole. What can MUS do for you? They will assist you in finding teaching and performance opportunities while also getting you discounts at all MUS events. Don’t forget all of the social activities that are sure to be fun!

For more information, visit the MUS Office (CHF 129), call them at 220-6631, or visit their website .

Graduate Music Society

The Graduate Music Society represents graduate music students at the University of Calgary. We advocate on behalf of students and stand up for their interests at the School of Creative and Performing Arts and at other levels of the University administration. The GMS represents graduate music students at meetings of the University’s Graduate Student Association. Each year the GMS organizes and hosts an annual Graduate Music Conference at which graduate students from North America and beyond present research and lecture-recitals covering diverse topics in composition, musicology and performance, as well as interdisciplinary perspectives. The GMS is also responsible for encouraging open communication between graduate music students, which will include organizing social gatherings and activities. 

ND Theatre

ND Theatre exists solely to create opportunities for University of Calgary emerging artists. By fusing the traditional with new approaches, techniques and forms, we seek to cultivate artists that will stake their claim in the theatre industry confidently and boldly. For more information check out their Facebook page