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Future Students

Dance at the University of Calgary launches students into a world of creativity. Through intensive studio training combined with rigorous academic study of dance, our graduates enter into the dance profession prepared and eager to succeed.

The faculty members in Dance believe passionately in the ability of dance study to foster creative expression and critical thinking. With creative and scholarly portfolios that boast national and international performances and publications, the faculty is prepared to guide students through an intensive educational experience. We hope you will join us in the study and practice of this richly rewarding art form!

The Bachelor of Fine Arts and the Bachelor of Arts in Dance offer some of the best training in Canada due to our unique offerings. Here are some of the opportunities that await you:

  • Create dance for the camera. All students in the BFA program are required to take Dance for the Camera in which they choreograph and edit their own dance works for the screen.
  • Perform on campus and in the Calgary community with local, national and international choreographers. Work with professional artists in the Calgary arts scene to jumpstart your professional performance experience. The program connects qualified students to professional companies for apprenticeships and internships in their final year of study.
  • Travel abroad with international travel study courses. Experience dance in Cuba, Poland, Africa, and in many other international venues to broaden your worldview and experience the cultural diversity of dance.
  • Take classes and workshops with internationally recognized guest artists.
  • Study a diversity of special topics including African dance, Contact Improvisation, Hip Hop, Site-Specific Dance, and many other forms.
  • Scholarships available

Current Students

Enrollment services  - information on registration, transcripts, fees, exams and convocation all found in one site!

There are many exciting performance opportunities available to Dance students on campus and in the community! Make sure to visit the CHD 100 Dance bulletin boards for more details.

Dance Undergraduate Handbook

Do you have an injury or a sore muscle that needs attention? Dancers can receive accelerated assistance as athletes on campus. Contact the Sports Medicine Centre and let them know you are in the Dance program!

Completing your Degree

Degree Requirements

BA in Dance

The BA in Dance requires the successful completion of the following program of study, which includes 48 units (8.0 full-course equivalents) to a maximum of 72 units (12.0 full-course equivalents) in the Field of Dance:

36 units (6.0 full-course equivalents):

  • Dance 207, 209, 235, 247 and 267
  • Dance 305, 307, 331, 333, 347 and one of 309 or 343 or 503 or 581
  • Dance 481

3 units (0.5 full-course equivalents) from the following Studio Options:

  •  311, 321, 323, 405, 427

9 units (1.5 full-course equivalents) from the following Theory Options:

  • Dance 341, 359, 363, 391, 437, 447, 449, 465, 491

6 units (1.0 full-course equivalents) SCPA 290, 399.

Note: Dance 427, 447, 449, 465 and 481 are not offered every year. Students must arrange their schedules to accommodate the alternating timetable.

BFA in Dance

The BFA in Dance requires the successful completion of the following program of study, which includes 93 units (15.5 full-course equivalents) to a maximum of 99 units (16.5 full-course equivalents) in the Field of Dance:

78 units (13.0 full-course equivalents) from the following required courses:

  • Dance 207, 209, 235, 247, 267, 295
  • Dance 305, 307, 331, 333, 347, 359, 391, 395
  • Dance 405, 407, 427, 431, 433, 435, 481, 491
  • Dance 447, or 449
  • Dance 505, 507, 531

12 units (2.0 full-course equivalents) from the following Studio Options:

  • Dance 311, 313, 411, 413, OR
  • Dance 321, 323, 421, 423

3 units (0.5 full-course equivalents) from the following Dance Options:

  • Dance 309, 343, 365, 375, 475, 493, 503, 581

6 units (1.0 full-course equivalents) SCPA 290, 399

Note: Dance 427, 447, 449 and 481 are not offered every year. These courses are required without exception. Students must arrange their schedules to accommodate the alternating timetable.

Combined BA (Dance) / BKin (Kinesiology)

In Fall 2014, The University of Calgary made an important contribution to the field of Dance when it accepted its first class of students into the new 5 year Combined Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Dance / Bachelor of Kinesiology.  The combined BA Dance / B Kinesiology, the first degree of its kind in Canada, highlights the relationships between the sciences, arts, and humanities, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives in the study of movement studies, and promoting a holistic paradigm for looking at human movement. Students take five years to complete two degrees, graduating with a strong foundation in both Science and Arts. Potential students must meet the admissions requirements for both the Faculty of Arts, BA Dance and the Faculty of Kinesiology.

The Combined BA in Dance/BKin in Kinesiology requires the successful completion of a minimum of 150 units (25.0 full-course equivalents). A maximum of 60 units (10.0 full-course equivalents) may be at the junior level.

Division of Dance requirements are as follows:

48 units (8.0 full-course equivalents), to a maximum of 60 units (10.0 full-course equivalents), of Dance courses, including:

36 units (6.0 full-course equivalents) from the following required courses:

  • Dance 207, 209, 235, 247 and 267
  • Dance 305, 307, 331, 333, 347, 363
  • Dance 481

3 units (0.5 full-course equivalent) from the following Studio Options:

  • Dance 311, 321, 405, 427

3 units (0.5 full-course equivalent) from the following Theory Options:

  • Dance 341, 391, 447, 449, 465, 491

6 units (1.0 full-course equivalent) from the Field of Fine Arts (non-Dance) *SCPA 290 and 399 are recommended*

Faculty of Kinesiology requirements are as follows:

54 units (9.0 full-course equivalents) from the Kinesiology Core as listed in 4.1 of the Faculty of Kinesiology section of the Calendar, including:

21 units (3.5 full-course equivalents) of senior Kinesiology options.


  • The program requires careful selection of courses to complete all of the requirements of the two Faculties. When choosing their courses, students are urged to work closely with advisors in the Student Programs Office of Kinesiology, the Faculty of Arts program advisors located in the Arts Students' Centre and undergraduate program administrator for Dance.
  • Dance 427, 447, 449 and 481 are not offered every year. These courses are required without exception. Students must arrange their schedule to accommodate the alternating timetable.
  • Students are expected to register for a selected number of 200-level requirements (chosen from Kinesiology 201203213237244251253259, 260, and 263) in Year 1, as well as some of the 200-level requirements for their chosen major. Since this entails more than 30 units (5.0 full-course equivalents), students are expected to complete these 200-level courses in their first two years of study and will be able to tailor their registrations to suit individual circumstances.

Dance Pedagogy Concentration

The Dance Pedagogy Concentration provides an area of focus and depth of study within the BA Dance degree, and is designed for students who wish to pursue a professional career as a full or part-time dance teacher.  The program prepares students to teach dance to multiple populations: pre-school, children, youth, adults, and seniors, and in various locations: private studios, public schools, and community programs, and includes courses in the following areas: dance pedagogy for children, youth and community populations; dance psychology; dance anatomy; safe dance practice; and a dance teaching practicum. The content of these courses will cover all aspects of dance pedagogy e.g. health and safety in the dance environment; injury prevention and management; nutrition; psychological aspects of dance practice; anatomical and biomechanical principles of alignment; individual anomalies and adaptations; group specific needs and risk factors (age and ability/disability), etc.

Dance 235: Introduction to Safe Dance Practice and Complementary Training Techniques
Dance 359: Dance Anatomy
Dance 447: Dance Pedagogy: Community Populations
Dance 449: Dance Pedagogy: Children and Youth
Dance 465: Dance Psychology
Dance 493: Dance Teaching Practicum

Dance Production Concentration

The Dance Production Concentration provides an area of focus and depth of study within the BA Dance Degree, and is designed for students who wish to pursue a professional career in the dance industry. The concentration prepares students to take on production, management, and audience facilitation responsibilities. Students learn how to design and plan a creation process, to develop strategies for choreographic composition, and how to engage audiences while enhancing their experience. They learn the basics of lighting design, set design, and dance for camera in theory and practice; and the program teaches strategic approaches to the financial management, fundraising, and marketing of dance companies. In other words, they acquire theoretically informed skills that are necessary to produce dance works of high quality and relevance and run a successful dance company with community impact

Drama 223: Introduction to Theatre Production
Drama 225: Introduction to Scenography
Dance 391: Dance and the Camera
Dance 437: Dance Dramaturgy
Dance 491: Design and Production for Dance
School of Creative and Performing Arts 401: Performing Arts Management

Minor in Dance

Students must successfully complete at least 30 units (5.0 full-course equivalents) and not more than 36 units (6.0 full-course equivalents) from the Field of Dance with at least 18 units (3.0 full-course equivalents) at the 300 level or above.

Course Registration

View the First Year Student Registration Guide to see what courses you need to take in your first year.

Visit the Arts Students’ Centre for overall degree planning, including degree audits, adding a second major or a minor, international exchanges, time conflict forms, and more.

Program-specific questions can be answered by the Undergraduate Program Administrator ( in the School of Creative and Performing Arts office (CHD 100), including program requirements, practicums, independents studies, overload/pre-requisite waiver requests, applying transfer credit, and all of your general questions.

Our Dance Undergraduate Handbook is designed to help you navigate the School of Creative and Performing Arts and your degree.


Dance students are eligible for many nominated awards and scholarships varying in amount. These awards are nominated by the Faculty members in the department and are assessed based on different academic/extra-curricular factors.

For more information on these and other general University awards and scholarship opportunities, please go to Student Finance .

  • Vicki Adams Willis Entrance Award
  • Terpsichore Awards
  • Richard Moss Memorial Award
  • Beth Israel Players Award
  • John P.L. Roberts Award
  • Millennium Prize for Russian Performing Arts
  • Dr. Sylvia Shaw Memorial Dance Scholarship
  • Shirley C. Murray Scholarship (starting 2014-15)

International Students

Dance welcomes applications from qualified students outside of Canada. Applicants whose first language is not English must submit the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam or another exam as listed on the   English Language Proficiency   page. Additionally, international students in Dance are eligible for partial visa differential funding. For more information please visit the following links:


Do I need to audition for dance technique courses? 
An audition is not required for DNCE 201, 211, 221, 315 and 317.

The more advanced-level courses do require an audition in the fall term from all students; in the winter term, only students who did not complete the prerequisite in the previous term will need to audition. These courses include: DNCE 207, 209, 305, 307, 311, 313, 321, 323, 405, 407, 411, 413, 421, 423, 505, 507.

The auditions take place on the first day of lectures for each course, and are done in a group format. If you are successful, you will be notified by the division and granted permission to register.

What is involved in UCalgary studio dance courses? 
Generally, students will observe the demonstration of dance material, learn its forms and conceptual basis, directions and musicality, commit the material to memory and achieve a level of comfort or ownership of the movement so that it may be fully embraced and danced with integrity.

In addition, dance technique classes have elements of lecture, group discussion and personal observation and testimony. Often class projects involve working in groups to research and present on an aspect of history or practice of technique. All technique courses require students to attend conferences with their instructor where learning issues can be fully aired in security and course work can be refocused or brought to summation.

How do I get permission for a course that requires consent of the Division? 
Email the instructor of the course with your full name, student ID number, and an explanation of your interest in the course, and ask them for their consent. If the instructor approves, the instructor should email the Undergraduate Program Administrator, who will enter the permission and will let you know when you can register for the course.

Can I add a dance minor? How do I do it? 
Yes, you can add a minor at any time in your program. You can add a minor through your student center as a “Change of Program” between September and April when the access is open. Any eligible courses you have already completed will be applied to your minor. The program advisors at the Arts Students’ Centre can help you with this process.

Where can I find out more information about auditioning for and viewing performances? 
Audition opportunities are posted on the Division of Dance bulletin boards outside CHD 100. You can also view some opportunities on the SCPA Auditions website.

Can I get credit for doing work in a production? 
Yes. Students who are involved in a production may apply for a performance practicum to gain academic credit. Application forms are available on the Division of Dance bulletin boards outside CHD 100.

Can I overload into the class I want? 
Overloads are possible, but the instructor and division chair must approve. Overloads cannot be processed if the enrollment capacity is the same as the physical room capacity - this is a central University policy due to fire code regulations.

What if a course I need for graduation is not offered? 
Courses may not be offered each year and you are encouraged to work with an advisor to plan your courses. In the event a required course is not offered due to unforeseen circumstances (instructor availability, budgetary restraints) during the final year of your degree, the Undergraduate Program Administrator and the Division Chair will work with you to find a resolution.

If a course is full, can I attend anyways? 
No. If a course is full and at capacity, you cannot attend; this is a safety precaution. You cannot earn credit for the work you do in a course unless you are registered.

Application Information

Applications for Fall 2018 are now open (deadline: Feb 23, 2018).
Apply via the Application Portal

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