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Submitted by amaerten on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 4:28pm

Kinesthetic Learning and Improv Movement for the Classroom

Clinician: Carmen Paterson

Kids love to move!  Whether it’s as a brain break or to deepen their connection with curriculum.  Carmen Paterson will provided strategies and tools to get your kids moving in a way that is both freeing and controlled. 

Carmen Paterson has been working as an arts educator focusing on movement and tapping into your kinesthetic potential through her work at Arts Commons and with the Embodied Practice Guild.

Supporting Curriculum through Arts Education

Clinician: Jenny Repond Peters

What does it mean to work with an Artist in Residence? How can artists support specific curricular goals or enrich classroom learning? Jenny Peters provide an overview of how artists strategically transform classroom learning and student engagement through artist in residence projects, and how educators can access and utilize the resources of the local arts community.

Jenny Repond Peters has as an artist and an arts educator of over 15 years, created, planned and delivered hundreds of artist in residence projects from rural Alberta to the Middle East, from pre-school to high school aged students. Jenny trained as a dancer and theatre artist, and is the current program manager for Arts Commons in the Arts Learning department. Jenny will provide stories and examples of successful artist in residence projects, with logistical insights on how to engage artists in the community and see project come to fruition.