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Music Instructor’s debut in Carnegie Hall

Zachary Wadsworth

Zachary Wadsworth, a composer and instructor for the music division of the School of Creative and Performing Arts, will have his Carnegie Hall debut as a composer with To the Roaring Wind on Friday, Mar. 21.

NOVUS, a contemporary vocal ensemble from Indiana University, commissioned the piece, and asked Wadsworth to compose something around the theme of ‘wind’.

“The first step of writing a piece is finding a poem to work with,” explains Wadsworth. “I used Wallace Stephens' To the Roaring Wind as my inspiration. It is a short poem in which the poet listens to the rush of the wind, waiting for words to form.”

Wadsworth’s choral composition uses a wide variety of different sounds. “It takes all of the sounds of the voice and mimics the sounds of wind,” says Wadsworth.

His piece will be performed in the Weill Recital Hall, a more intimate space within Carnegie Hall.  “It’s really exciting,” says Wadsworth. “This place has so much history. To feel that you’re part of that is really an honour.”

Until now, all communications between Wadsworth and the ensemble has been digital. “I’ve seen a rehearsal on YouTube but this will be the first time I’ll hear it in person,” says Wadsworth, who is traveling to New York to attend the performance.

“I don’t need to be nervous. My work is done. I can trust them. They are ready.”

Click here to watch the preview of To the Roaring Wind.

Wadsworth’s music has been heard in venues all over the world. After winning the 2011 King James Bible Composition Award, the choir of Westminster Abbey performed his work in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and the Archbishop of Canterbury.