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Drama students and alumni working together

Third Street Theatre show opens this week

Photography by Jason Ho.

Late, A Cowboy Song presented by Third Street Theatre is a great example of how connections made at the University of Calgary result in professional collaborations in the theatre community.

The play is set in the new west where there is constant pressure to fit in. It takes a look at Mary's life full of societal expectations and spinning clocks. "The themes are very relevant for Calgary", says Jonathan Brower, co-artistic director of Third Street Theatre and student in the BFA Drama program. "We live in this oil-driven city where it's always go-go-go."

When looking at the cast and company list of the production, you can't help but notice that nearly everyone involved links back to the University of Calgary Drama program.

Drama Faculty Sessional Alyssa Bradac (MFA 2013) is directing the play. "Last year, Alyssa performed for Third Street Theatre's This Is How I Left. We really enjoyed working with her and decided to have her direct a show this season," says Brower. Bradac suggested Late, A Cowboy Song by Sarah Ruhl.

After general auditions, Carly McKee and Kyall Rakoz (both BFA Drama 2011) were cast as Mary and Crick. "It just happened to be them. Carly and Kyall had his amazing chemistry and I think a lot of this came from their work together on campus", says Brower.

All the members of the design and stage team are current or past students in Drama. "A lot of the connections have come through me being here at the University," says Brower."Everyone is proud of where we study/studied." Late, A Cowboy Song runs from March 11 - 22 in Motel.

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