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Eric Bumstead, Postdoctoral Fellow


Eric Bumstead recently completed a PhD in electroacoustic composition at the University of Birmingham, UK, under the direction of Scott Wilson. While studying, Eric premiered his 12 channel composition BlckWnd in Birmingham and Berlin. During the same periods he preformed Karlheinz Stockhausen’s percussion and Piano work Kontakte  in Banff, Calgary, Birmingham, and Winnipeg. Previous to his time in Birmingham Eric attended the Banff Centre for the Arts completing a year-long performance residency during which he also composed works for computer with percussion and developed interfaces for live performance. Immediately following the residency he traveled to Stanford to complete a workshop in interface design for musical applications. Eric received a B.Mus from the University of Calgary studying percussion performance with Glenn Price and Rod Squance and composition with Allan Bell and David Eagle. Eric is presently an extra with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.


My research project entitled ‘Decentralized Performance and the Audience: Distributed Emergent Music’, will focus on using, developing and expanding the performance, research and creation potential of the Telemedia Arts Lab in the School of Creative and Performing Arts and the high-speed Cybera Research Network. My role involves facilitating the creation and production of projects over the network. This includes collaboration with other institutions across the globe as the fundamentals of this emerging performance practice evolve. One of my core goals is to develop systems to streamline the process of creating performances over networks.
While I was completing my PhD I conducted researched into Iannis Xenakis’ stochastic synthesis algorithm, writing a program to produce sounds with this method. The resulting synthesis produces noisy timbres that change organically over time and was the primary material for my piece Blckwnd. During this time I also programmed BEASTtools, a set of audio plugins based in Max/MSP for eight channel audio processing.

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