University of Calgary

Winter 2020 Courses

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Music Education

Music Performance

  •  MUPF 201B - Chamber Choir
     MUPF 205B - University Chorus
     MUPF 211B - Symphonic Band
     MUPF 213B - Wind Ensemble
     MUPF 215B - University Orchestra
     MUPF 225B - Instrumental Jazz Ensemble
     MUPF 229B - World Music Ensemble
     MUPF 241B - Chamber Music
     MUPF 245B - Voice Lab
     MUPF 301B.4 - Chamber Choir (Chamber Choir IV)
     MUPF 305.4 - University Chorus (University Chorus IV)
    LAB 1
     MUPF 305B.1 - University Chorus (University Chorus I)
     MUPF 311B.4 - Symphonic Band (Symphonic Band IV)
     MUPF 313B.4 - Wind Ensemble (Wind Ensemble IV)
     MUPF 315B.4 - University Orchestra (University Orchestra IV)
     MUPF 325B.4 - Instrumental Jazz Ensemble (Instrumental Jazz Ensemble IV)
     MUPF 329B.4 - World Music Ensemble (World Music Ensemble IV)
     MUPF 341B.4 - Chamber Music (Chamber Music IV)
     MUPF 345B.4 - Voice Lab (Voice Lab IV)
     MUPF 641B - Advanced Chamber Ensemble I
     MUPF 643B - Advanced Chamber Ensemble II

School of Creative and Perform

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