University of Calgary

Fall 2021 Courses

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Music Education

Music History

Music Performance

  •  MUPF 201A - Chamber Choir
     MUPF 205A - University Chorus
     MUPF 211A - Symphonic Band
     MUPF 213A - Wind Ensemble
     MUPF 215A - University Orchestra
     MUPF 221A - Collegium Musicum
     MUPF 229A - World Music Ensemble
     MUPF 241A - Chamber Music
     MUPF 301A.2 - Chamber Choir (Chamber Choir II)
     MUPF 305A.3 - University Chorus (University Chorus III)
     MUPF 311A.2 - Symphonic Band (Symphonic Band II)
     MUPF 313A.2 - Wind Ensemble (Wind Ensemble II)
     MUPF 315A.2 - University Orchestra (University Orchestra II)
     MUPF 321A.4 - Collegium Musicum (Collegium Musicum IV)
     MUPF 329A.1 - World Music Ensemble (World Music Ensemble I)
     MUPF 341A.2 - Chamber Music (Chamber Music II)
     MUPF 641A - Advanced Chamber Ensemble I
     MUPF 643A - Advanced Chamber Ensemble II
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