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Community Partnerships

Professional Theatre Internship Program

The Professional Theatre Internship Courses (Internship 591.01 and Internship 591.02) have been developed as a response to the needs of those undergraduates who are in training to develop careers as theatre professionals. They endeavour to bridge the gap between study and professional experience, which most graduates of formal training institutions usually face. 

Qualified students may be placed in internship positions with various local professional companies such as Alberta Theatre Projects, Quest Theatre, Vertigo Theatre and Theatre Junction. Interns have been accepted in the areas of Theatre Management, Acting, Directing, Dramaturgy, Stage Management, Production Management, Design and Playwriting. In addition, students uncertain as to their specific career goal have been accepted as General Interns. Interns are selected on the basis of their reliability, talent, experience, and (in the case of acting interns) their casting potential in regard to the theatre company’s proposed season of plays.

Interested students with fourth-year standing apply for admission to the course in February. Thereafter, the Course Supervisor invites comment for the faculty as a whole, and the Supervisor, together with the Division Chair, agree upon a short-list of applicants whom they wish to recommend for interviews with the relevant theatre companies. The list of recommended applicants is then interviewed by relevant personnel at the theatre companies, and students whom the Course Supervisor, Division Chair, and theatre companies can agree upon are then accepted into the course for the year following. Interns are at present paid a monthly stipend of $1500.00 during the duration of the eight-month course

Internship courses are not credit courses. Tuition fees for Internship 591.01 and 591.02 are assessed as 'Coop/Intern' fees in the Undergraduate Tuition and General Fees Chart. Students enrolled in the Internship courses are eligible for the benefits available to full-time students.

For details contact the Course Supervisor at the School of Creative and Performing Arts 403.220.5313.

Wagonstage Children's Theatre

Wagonstage Children's Theatre produces entertaining, interactive and educational plays for families. The program started in 1971 as a collaboration between the City of Calgary Recreation and the Drama division at the University of Calgary. Every summer since then, Wagonstage has been making theatre for young audiences with the goal is to create and sustain a vibrant, healthy, safe and caring community for all Calgarians.

Wagonstage is an enduring and respected example of civic programming partnered with a post-secondary educational experience. The Wagonstage plays are written and directed by theatre professionals, and designed and acted by graduate and undergraduate Drama students. 

Since 2015, the Calgary Zoo and the Drama division have formed a new partnership. Plays will be presented at the Zoo from July 1 to August 12, Wednesday through Sunday at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Each performance is 25 minutes in length and includes puppetry and live music.

Employment Opportunities

Wagonstage Children’s Theatre has been providing great theatre for the community for 40 years, as well as summer jobs for Drama students. 
For details, please contact Clem Martini.

Spring Intensive with the Calgary International Children’s Festival

Since 1991, Drama and the Calgary International Children’s Festival (CICF) have nurtured a unique Community Partnership. The CICF is the second largest performing arts festival of its kind in Canada with approximately 50,000 patrons attending Festival events on a yearly basis. CICF presents critically acclaimed professional theatre, music and dance for young audiences.

Drama 362: Theatre For Young Audiences (TYA) is a 6-week Spring Session performance course aligned with the Calgary International Children’s Festival. Intensive involvement in the Festival is required, including performing on site, attending performances and participating in three workshops with professional artists performing at the Festival, as well as attending the Festival Colloque. After the Festival, the class will focus on creating a piece of Theatre For Young Audiences that will tour the community. Don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to:

  • perform at an International Festival
  • see amazing theatre from all over the world
  • study with professionals
  • create, perform & tour original work
  • get a full course credit

For details, please contact Clem Martini.

Sexxxy!: The Orientation Project

Sexxxy: a compelling performance to increase awareness and understanding of sensitive and difficult issues and identify the related on-campus resources.

Sexxxy is a play that reveals the experiences of a group of first year students as they encounter university life. The script was developed by and for students at the University of Calgary where it has become the highlight of the student orientation program, UCalgary 101. The play explores the challenges faced by many students including learning problems, racism, homophobia, substance abuse, sexual harassment, date rape and campus safety. The power of the play lies in its realistic and at the same time, entertaining portrayal of these uncomfortable issues. The stories effectively capture the audience’s attention, raise students’ awareness of the very real problems they or their friends could run into and alert them to the available on-campus resources. The play is performed every September during the UCalgary 101 Orientation Program and seen by over 4000 incoming students.

Employment Opportunities

“Sexxxy” has been participating in the University of Calgary’s Orientation 101 program for over 10 years providing great theatre for the university community and summer jobs for Drama students. “Sexxxy” Auditions are held in late March. Positions for a director, stage manager, design/technical and 4 Actors are available.

  • Employment Period: August./September. This is a 5-day/week - 4-week contract.
  • Pay Scale: Non-union but commensurate with Actor's Equity wages.
  • Rehearsals: Scheduled in August and may include some evening and weekend rehearsals.
  • Opening performance: Tuesday – Friday of Block Week in September.

For details, please contact Dawn McCaugherty.