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Research in Drama can take many forms, be it the more traditional path of academic analysis and its resulting publications, or in the form of creative research on the stage through directed and designed dramatic narratives, or on the page through the generation of new plays. Whatever form the research takes, it is always informed by the lively art of performance.

Bruce Barton

Christine Brubaker

Val Campbell

Penelope Farfan

Patrick Finn

Pil Hansen

Heery Lynn

Clem Martini

Dawn McCaugherty

April Viczko

Upcoming Events for Drama

February 9 to February 17
May 25 to June 2

Drama in Calgary

Calgary hosts one of the most dynamic, active theatre communities in Canada.

Member organizations of this rich community include Theatre Calgary, Alberta Theatre Projects, One Yellow Rabbit, Vertigo Theatre, Sage Theatre, Lunchbox Theatre, Loose Moose Theatre, Theatre Junction, Downstage Theatre Company, Quest Theatre, Third Street Theatre, The Calgary Opera, Stage West Theatre Company, Ellipsis Tree Collective and Verb Theatre among others.

Our graduates and alumnae are fully engaged and present in all of these companies – many of the theatres having received their founding impulse in the creative energy and collaborative forum of their post secondary studies at the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary.