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Research in the field of Dance is quite diverse and faculty members at the University of Calgary are involved in a number of different approaches to dance research. Creation-based research, that is creating live choreography for the stage, is one main area of research for a number of faculty. Making dances for the camera is a related but distinct element of creation-based research.  Humanities scholarship in Dance, called Dance Studies, is another area of research for dance faculty. This type of work includes historical and cultural analysis of dance as it exists in society, and results in the publication of essays for books, journals and conference presentation. Finally, faculty members are sometimes involved in research in the areas of Dance Education, Dance Science, Dance Health, and Community Dance Practices.

Marie France Forcier

Pil Hansen

Melanie Kloetzel

Wojciech Mochniej

Melissa Monteros

Michèle Moss

Anna Mouat

Dance in Calgary

Calgary has a dynamic, exciting dance community.  Check out Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Dancers’ Studio West, W&M Dance Projects, and the Alberta Ballet for starters.  The annual Fluid Festival is not to be missed!  Many of the organizations driving the scene have either been founded by, are connected to, or currently employ alumni, faculty or students from the School of Creative and Performing Arts, Dance, at the University of Calgary.

Upcoming Events for Dance

January 19 to February 3
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