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Vicki Stroich - BFA 1999

My time as a Drama undergrad allowed me a range of opportunities. I acted, I did text analysis, studied theatre history, did work backstage and produced my own work within the University environment. The reality of a career in the arts in Canada is that you will be doing more than one thing and you will need to pursue or create your own experiences at some point and having a range of experiences helps prepare you for that.
Calgary is a great place to be a theatre artist. In addition to the community of students you will grow with, there is a community of artists at all stages of their careers who are creating exciting work and welcoming new people to join them.

As a Drama undergrad student, Vicki Stroich did an internship at Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP), a local theatre company that specializes in new Canadian Plays. She discovered a passion for helping artists realize their visions and how theatre companies like ATP can provide that support. After her internship, she spent a little over a year working in fundraising at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto before returning to Calgary in 2001 to take a position on the Artistic Team at ATP, where she has worked for the past 12 years as a dramaturg. She is also the President of Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, a professional organization for dramaturgs. Vicki was recently promoted to the role of Executive Director at Alberta Theatre Projects.

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