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Veena Sood - BFA

I had great timing while at U of C Drama Department, in that well known master-of-improvisation-&-the-theatre Keith Johnstone was teaching the acting classes at the time.  During my years there, Keith plucked a small group of us out of his acting classes, and we co-founded & originated THE LOOSE MOOSE THEATRE COMPANY.  Loose Moose was a wonderful place to augment the training I received at U of C Drama Dept.  Today if you look at the who's who of Canadian comedy, writers, improvisors and actors - many of them spent some time at Loose Moose. I was so lucky to be there during the years Keith Johnstone was teaching. His teachings changed my life as a person, and an actor.  His teaching also enabled me to be an actor that is self-generating.  I'm able to create my own theatre, without waiting for someone to hire me.

Anyone who wants to go into a life of acting professionally, should take up an intensive training of some type.  I would highly recommend any training that teaches actors to be self-generating in what they create; whether it be their own theatrical productions, TV productions or other digital endeavours.
Since graduating in 1979, Veena has vigorously pursued her dream of working as an actor.  She spent 15 years working in theatre and has now spent the last 15 years acting in television shows and movies.  She is currently based in both Vancouver, BC and London, England as she has dual citizenship.  

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