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Valerie Ann Pearson BFA

I believe that the acting classes that I took at the U of C have given me the tools with which to build my career. There have been many other influences since that time certainly, but the groundwork was laid at the university. The period work, which we don’t get to do all that much of  in the current market, led to good posture, awareness of body image, style, presentation, and vocal clarity. But perhaps the thing which has affected my career the most was the people I met and worked with who have become lifelong mentors and compatriots. 

I believe my life experiences and my teaching experience allowed me to be a better actor than I might have been fresh out of school. I believe that the theatre can be a very insular profession and that if you don’t mingle with the real world and real people, it’s possible to lose sight of the purpose of our work and who we are performing for.

Valerie graduated in 1970 and is currently working as a freelance actor and director.  She has been a professional actor for 31 years. She has received several awards for her work including a Genie nomination for Best Actress, two AMPIA awards, a Sterling Award, and another Betty Mitchell Award. In 2004 she was awarded the Harry and Martha Cohen Award for outstanding contribution to the arts community in Calgary.


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