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Sarah Kenny - BA

My time as an undergraduate dance student at UC directly influenced the path my career would take. Had I not taken one course in particular (Mitzvah Technique) during my final year with a visiting guest artist, I could be doing something completely different.  The university dance program is directly linked to the dance community in Calgary. Though small, the dance vibes in this city are full of passion and enthusiasm. As a student, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to network with this community from the outset. The skill of networking is definitely one I have taken forward in my career.

I would recommend the UC’s dance program to prospective students whole-heartedly. In particular, to those who are a little uncertain of what they want to do with their career, but that they are certain dance has to be a part of it. This was me at 18 years old. Other dance institutions I investigated seemed to have one goal for their graduates – to be a performer or to be a dance teacher. In addition to strong dance technique, the liberal arts nature of the UC Dance degree exposed me to dance history, writing, choreography, anatomy, pedagogy and more. The breadth of opportunity was what I needed to help me find my passion for Dance Science.

Sarah graduated in 2001 and entered her career as an Independent Artist, performing and collaborating in various projects throughout Alberta.  In 2003, she moved to London, UK to pursue graduate studies.  Upon completing her MSc in Dance Science with distinction, Sarah continued on at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, lecturing and researching in the Department of Dance Science.  In 2009, Sarah relocated to Houston where she worked with the Houston Ballet Academy and Hope Stone Dance Company as a Dance Fitness Consultant.  In 2012, Sarah brought her family home to Calgary to start in PhD in Kinesiology with a focus on injury prevention.

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