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Nikki Loach - BFA

I've always loved acting, and although I did show signs early of being a director, I was fascinated by the study of acting. "Getting in" to the acting classes were attempted by many and only achieved by a few and therefore, in my mind, were more prestigious. I took one entry level directing class and was unable to take more because the acting classes conflicted with the directing classes. My last year I still wanted to act and although I was unsuccessful in gaining an internship, I emerged into the Calgary community with offers to act at Quest Theatre, and Theatre Calgary. After a few years my friend Mark Lawes pushed me into directing so that he could act himself in shows for a company we co-founded called Theatre Junction.  I didn’t really know what I was doing, but people seemed to trust me and the shows were well received. I became a director. 

Nothing can be done with out a fierce dedication to this profession, but make no mistake, the friends you learn with at University, will become your colleagues in the real world, and one day you your generation will take over this town.  Your youth and fearlessness is endearing to us: the old guard.If you are destined to be in this profession, nothing will stop you. You may not be an actor, after all, but anyone with a true passion for theatre can find a place to contribute somewhere in our diverse thriving arts community.

Since graduating in 1989, Nikki has enjoyed a diverse career of directing, acting and teaching.  She has been with Quest Theatre since 1988 and is currently their Artistic Director.  Her directing work has been seen on many stages including The Shaw Festival, Theatre Calgary, and Theatre Junction.

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