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Ken Cameron - MFA

I was enrolled in the Drama program, where I took my MFA in Directing for Theatre. I enjoyed most the opportunity to make use of the resources of the department to direct larger scale plays than I had as a budding theatre artist working in much more constrained and impoverished environments. I learned to develop a common language with designers, choreographers and other artists. 
I admire how the program has, over the two-and-a-half decades since I was a student there, begun to forge stronger connections with professionals in Calgary's vibrant theatre community and invite them to participate in the education of the next generation as sessional instructors. Yet it was the connections that I made with the community that ultimately motivated me to stay in Calgary instead of returning to my previous haunts of Toronto or Montreal where I'd done my undergraduate degree.  My colleagues Glenda Stirling, Peter Balkwill, Kevin McKendrick, Karen Johnson-Diamond, Clem Martini - and well, everyone really - will help students feel that Calgary is a place where they can build their careers. 
Since completing his degree at the University of Calgary, Ken has developed a multi-pronged career, working as a playwright, director, dramaturge, instructor, theatre producer, festival curator and corporate coach.  He is perhaps best known as a playwright having written more than fifteen plays in his career.  Ken also served four years as Artistic Director of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in partnership with the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

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