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Julie Orton BFA

My experiences in the Department of Drama at the University of Calgary informed my career path greatly. Not just the theoretical education I received in my acting courses, but the practical experience I received while performing at the University. The practice of performing was my greatest education as it enlightened me to the entire experience of a performer. Not just the work as it related to the project, but the whole lifestyle of the actor. What concessions need to be made in one's personal life and how it can sometimes affect and test one's passion and drive for the work. After these experiences, along with my overall training, I left the program with a determined attitude towards the profession. 

Julie is currently a professional theatre actor in Calgary.  In the 8 years since she graduated from the University of Calgary, Julie has been nominated for 5 Betty Mitchell Awards, and won 2, and has received one Calgary Theatre Critic Award nomination. 

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