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Gail Whiteford - BFA

 I was in the Drama Education programme.  I loved the hands-on practice and practical nature of the classes that helped so much in my later teaching.I also loved acting in the University shows, which taught me so much as well.  The U of C Drama programme constantly evolves to fit the times.  The classes present the practical as well as the theoretical and historical aspects of Drama and Theatre, giving students both sides of the art, thus giving them more of an understanding of Drama.
The Drama Education part of the Drama Degree was essential for my teaching career.  Until I began teaching Drama 564 7 years ago, I had to really realized how much I used what I had learned in my U of C classes in my teaching.  Also important were the contacts I made while I was a student.  They became my friends and colleagues as well as those who helped me in my career.
After graduating, Gail completed a BEd in Secondary Education, Drama and taught in Australia and Calgary for 37 years before retiring from teaching high school Drama and English. She received the Alberta Teaching Excellence Award in 2006, and was runner up for both the YMCA Peace Award (2005) and the Women of Excellence Award (2009).   During that time, as well,  she worked in theatre, as an actor, writer and director for a number of theatre companies, as well as working as a Standardized Patient/Client for the U of C medical and veterinary faculties.  For the past 7 years Gail has taught Drama 564 at U of C and for the past 6 years she has been the Artistic Director of Aspen Crossing Theatre in Mossleigh, Alberta.  

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