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Ceinwen Gobert - BA

I had great dance training through my collaborative degree program with the University of Calgary and the School of Alberta Ballet. I developed strong technique and a unique approach to movement/choreographic interpretation that really gave me an edge when I moved to Toronto.

I very much appreciated the modern dance "mentorship" that I received from Melissa Monteros. She really gave me so much valuable instruction, encouragement, and opportunity. I'm not sure how I would have pursued dance as extensively as I did without that one-on-one tutelage.  I would recommend the University of Calgary's dance program because I found that the training was really diverse and quite unique to a lot of the training I received after graduating. This difference in training makes graduates stand out when they audition in other cities.

After completing her degree at the University of Calgary, Ceinwen danced professionally full-time for 5 years.  She did free lance work in Toronto and Montreal, and was a company dancer for Van Grimde Corps Secrets and Kahawi Dance Theatre.  In 2009, Ceinwen started a massage therapy business and has been working as a Registered Massage Therapist, as well as continuing to dance part-time.

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