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Braden Griffiths - BFA

Without the skills and relationships that I built during my time as an undergraduate at UofC I would not be working in my chosen field today.  It's a bit of a cliché to say that University teaches you how to learn but, I think it might be a cliché for a reason. The core abilities that I accrued while in the UofC Theatre Department are fundamental to the things I do every day and everything I do is really innovation and extrapolation on those core skill sets.  UofC was also fertile ground for the growth of my professional relationships. A good number of the people I worked with during my undergraduate years are still people whom I work with today.

If you are looking for a program with a wide variety of theatre creation opportunities, a program which allows for a "Choose your own Adventure" style path through the theatre arts, UofC is the place to go. Conservatory acting programs can offer a lot but, can also fail to fully allow the undergraduate to learn the way they want to learn, to allow for a certain diversity of form and style. If you're driven to find your own voice UofC's theatre program is the perfect venue in which to do so.

Since leaving the University of Calgary in 2005, Braden has been working as an actor, playwright and designer in the Calgary theatre community.  This past season, he hit his 50th professional performance credit on Calgary stages.  Since 2009, he has been a part of the Downstage Creation Ensemble; a group dedicated to producing, writing and staging new politically relevant works in theatrically interesting ways.  This last season, Braden and another Calgary artist, Ellen Close wrote an adaptation of Carla Gunn's teen novel Amphibian.  The play, titled My Family and Other Endangered Species just won Best Play as part of the 2014 Calgary Critics Award.

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