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Alyssa Bradac - MFA (Directing) 2013

I came to the University of Calgary to get out of my comfort zone. Being a US citizen, I was spending a lot of time working with the same people, doing similar projects. The Canadian emphasis of study is so different from most programs in the US, with a lot of focus on performance, theatre creation and new works. Canadian theatre is at a glorious level of experimentation and bravery right now, and largely because of that, I’ve been able to learn and grow in that environment. My time at the U of C has sharpened my intuition, my attention to detail, and has made me a much more creative and resourceful storyteller.

The Drama faculty members are an all-star roster of Canadian theatre professionals - I wanted to go to a graduate program where I would be learning and growing with new information, not regurgitating things I already knew - the two years I spent in the program were full of exactly that. Each day I was having a discussion, challenging an assertion, questioning a process with both professors and classmates. And based on those conversations, I would take the new information/ideas into the studio and figure out where I stood and I what I wanted. It was also important to me to go to a school where I would get to work on my teaching skills, where I could work with undergraduate students and help them in a similar way, and where I could learn from them. No part of my time at the U of C was wasted, idle, or boring. I was learning something new every day - two years incredibly well spent.

Since her graduation, Alyssa has been working on different plays, as director, co-director or actor, in Canada and abroad.

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