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Travel Study

Travel study courses are offered during Spring and Summer sessions and are a wonderful opportunity for students to broaden their world view and experience the cultural diversity of dance. Travel study courses are truly enriching and students describe the experience as ‘life-changing.’  They offer a chance to experience the international community through movement and dance. 

Dance in West Africa, Cuba and New York

Field courses in the past have travelled to Guinée, West Africa and have been 
hosted by Hamidou Bangoura and Les Ballets Africains
Guinée. Learning to be an ethical cultural traveller and ambassador of Canadian culture is a great responsibility and moreover, great fun! The program to West Africa ran in 2000, 2003 and 2006. An Interdisciplinary (Dance and Anthropology) Credit Travel Study was undertaken in 2007 to Cuba to study music, dance and culture. In 2011 - Credit Travel Study course offered in NYC.

Dance and Physical Theatre In Europe

Faculty members Monteros and Mochniej have worked to provide opportunities for students to study abroad and to make contact with the professional dance scene in Europe for many years. These opportunities have taken many forms; in 2009 there were exchanges with France, Finland and Poland with performances, classes and informal showings both in Canada and abroad; in 2011, selected students (some current, some graduated) toured with Monteros and Mochniej’s professional company (W&M Physical Theatre), performing work in Warsaw, Gdansk and Rzeszow, Poland. In July 2004 and on two occasions pre-2004, students had the opportunity to participate in a Credit Travel Study program to Poland for approximately three weeks. These are just a few examples of the many opportunities Monteros and Mochniej have provided to students which allow them to experience dance in Europe, and to meet artists and audiences abroad. Those same experiences also provide a showcase for the students’ emerging talent.Most exciting and most challenging was CHANGE: three weeks of intense changes including language, food, culture, roommates and schedule!

Student Experience

“It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in regards to learning about dance and another culture”

“Poland is beautiful and then people are intriguing - people train and move much different in Poland than in Canada”

“This program gave me amazing opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to access or experience otherwise”

“I have learned so much - this trip has opened my eyes and heart to new ideas and possibilities in my field and life - this experience has been unforgettable and inspired me to travel here again”

“An amazing experience”

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