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Claim Your Seat

The Claim Your Seat  program allows all students of the University of Calgary to attend on-campus School of Creative and Performing Arts Dance, Drama and Music events for free.

How does it work?

Show your student UNICARD 45 to 15 min. before the event at the Claim Your Seat table next to the box office to receive your ticket.

Please take note of the following Claim Your Seat student guidelines (effective January 2016):

  • Depending on the performance, there is a limited number of seats available for Claim Your Seat.  There is no guarantee that tickets will be available for all Claim Your Seat patrons for every performance, based on audience size, demand, etc.
  • Claim Your Seat tickets are a privilege. If you receive a Claim Your Seat ticket to attend a performance, it is expected that you will respect the value of the admission and attend the performance.
  • Process: on the date of the performance, please present your UNICARD 45 minutes to 15 minutes prior to the performance start time at the Claim Your Seat table next to the box office.
  • There is no latecomers call: make sure to arrive early as Claim Your Seat tickets won't be given out less than 15 min. before the performance starts. If you arrive less than 15 minutes prior to the performance start time, you can go directly to the box office to purchase a ticket at the student rate.
    Please note that students should only go to the box office when purchasing a ticket.
  • If you have a course requirement to attend a performance for a specific date, access to the tickets will be communicated by the instructor to University Theatre Services prior to the event. The best guarantee for a free ticket is to arrive early, up to 45 minutes prior to the performance start time.
  • Respect for the front of house and theatre staff, performers and fellow patrons is an absolute requirement. Failure to comply with this will lead to being asked to leave the venue and could result in the revoking of Claim Your Seat privileges.

Theatre Etiquette

Make sure to check out the blog post on theatre etiquette, and review the School of Creative and Performing Arts' guidelines (effective January 2016) below:

Appropriate theatre etiquette benefits everyone and is an absolute requirement. These guidelines are in place to ensure respect for the performers, staff and university venues, and for courtesy to fellow audience members.

  • No food or beverages in the venues, with the exception of bottled water.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices can distract the performers and intrude on other patrons’ enjoyment of the performance. Please ensure these devices they will not ring, beep or vibrate during the performance. Texting or tweeting during the performance is not permitted.
  • Please do not talk or whisper during the performance. Our performance venues are designed to transmit sound, so even quiet noises can be intrusive to those around you.
  • Recording devices and cameras are not permitted.
  • If you have a complaint about another guest, please speak with a Front of House usher or Manager rather than approaching the person yourself.
  • At the performance venues, please speak to our friendly Front of House staff, who will be glad to assist you. Our Front of House Manager welcomes your comments and will pass them along to the appropriate School of Creative and Performing Arts staff member. You can contact her at


The Claim Your Seat program was founded in 2009 to provide free entry to all University of Calgary students to dance, drama and music events on campus.

Until 2015-16 Claim Your Seat was funded by the Students' Union, which supported the program as part of its broader mission to enhance the quality of student life and the educational experience.

We strongly believe in the importance of the performing and visual arts for every discipline. Whether appreciating the living physics of dance, the reinterpretation of history through drama or the mathematics of music, every student can benefit from the arts both academically and personally. To this end, Claim Your Seat seeks to foster a greater appreciation of the arts and the importance of creative thinking in the student body.

Claim Your Seat also encourages a greater sense of campus community and school spirit. While divergent interests and methods of study separate our many faculties and departments, the University of Calgary can only live up to its full potential if a sense of collective identity and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary engagement is maintained. By encouraging widespread patronage of and engagement with the arts on campus, and providing a way for students to support their peers in creative endeavours, Claim Your Seat bolsters the university’s solidarity.

Finally, Claim Your Seat augments the experience and professional development of the university’s students, faculty, alumni and guests by creating larger and more diverse audiences for the creative and performing arts on campus. By exposing a broader audience to the School of Creative and Performing Arts events, we encourage growth on both sides of the stage, and open up room for debates extending far beyond the events themselves.